There was once a fashionable pet owner based in Taiwan, who wanted to take her dog along with her on the metro, the busy city streets and through the well known shopping malls.

This little Maltese?was called Ibbi, and soon this little pup was being carried around in a grocery cart, slowly being upgraded to her very own stroller. Here, Ibiyaya was born.

Both complements and curiosity were received from strangers, but no doubt this invention makes its very own statement while also boasting great practicality.

The Ibiyaya carriers and strollers have since been used in a similar way, and even more so for pets that are unable to walk but still wish to enjoy a venture out to the great outdoors.

Stylish, safe and comfortable, Ibiyaya is a pioneer in the luxury pet-care industry. It has grown from an initial idea in a garage to a global company. It is now widely available across the world; USA, France, Italy and many more, including our very own Pet & Country - and we love it!


Collapsible & easy to store, Ibiyaya's?range of iconic carriers are perfect for journeying?above and beyond. Make your adventures limitless;?lightweight, waterproof, colourful and fun. What are you waiting for?

A Stroller, carrier, backpack and trolley - all in one! Combining practicality with style, Ibiyaya's range of strollers and buggies are available in an array of colours and designs?to suit your taste. Your pet will adore any journey long or short in this luxurious ride!

The definition of snug, Ibiyaya's range of?beds are designed for pets big and small, cat or dog. In a range of funky designs and bright colours, your pet will feel cosy and sheltered in their own little hub of privacy.?


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